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SMARTCON is a pioneer in EMV (Europay, MasterCard, Visa) electronic payment systems and in digital certification systems.

SMARTCON acts in all phases of chip based electronic transactions – at the chip, at the terminal, at the authorizer – developing technology and offering high quality consulting and training services.

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SEDpaaS – SMARTCON EMV Data Preparation. Generate data in the cloud.
Slider – SMARTCON Independent Payments Application for Multos and JavaCard
Slider – SEAL – Smartcon EMV Authorization Library
Slider – SMARTCON EMV Level 2 Kernel
Slider – EMV Training
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SMARTCON® Secure Internet Payments (SSIP)

SSIP - SMARTCON® Secure Internet Payments

Transform Android cellphones into secure Internet payment devices, based on an EMV secure element. Rather than storing security credential in software, SSIP uses a microSD secure element and an EMV (Europay, MasterCard, Visa)compliant payment application. SSIP is the best of both worlds: smart card security and smart phone convenience

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SMARTCON® Independent Payment Application

Smart card chip

Use off-the-shelf EMV terminals to capture private label transactions, benefit from years of EMV experience, dive into state-of-the-art payments technology, while maintaining your independence. Your debit, credit or ticket product on chip, EMV compatible.

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paySmart – EMV as a Service


paySmart is a complete solution developed by SMARTCON to eliminate fraud, issuing chip cards in 30 days - without investments!

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