FIME EVAL Test Suite

The most comprehensive Level 2 and integration test tool!

Do you need to test your Level 2 terminal application kernel? FIME has developed the EVAL 2008 Test Suite to help you validate your terminal compliance with EMV, PayPass, Entry Point, TIP or ADVT specifications. The platform can be used with any combination of the five available test libraries that correspond to these specifications.

Why the EVAL 2008 Test Suite?

  • Fast
    Gain time in your internal test process before submitting your application kernel for certification.
  • Freedom
    Automate your test launches for whenever suits you best, EVAL adapts to your schedule.
  • Qualified
    The EVAL 2008 Test Suite has followed the necessary testing authorities qualification processes.
  • Complementary
    Use the EVAL 2008 platform with any of the 5 libraries: one tool has multiple uses for terminal testing.
  • Effective
    Increase your chances of gaining certification first time around and thus reduce your time to market.
  • Flexible
    Customize your own test library using the development version of the EVAL platform.


About EVAL 2008 Test Suite

The EVAL Test Suite has been designed to help with smartcard terminal testing by automating test scripts processing in a user friendly environment.

EVAL is designed for any kind of contact or contactless terminal but is most commonly used for compliance testing of terminal EMV Level 2 debit/credit payment applications.

Five compatible libraries are available:


  • Set your environment and hardware communication parameters
  • Load the test library you require
  • Set Implementation Conformance Statement(ICS) options
  • Select the test case lists you want to launch

Test session

  • Display test processing
  • Automate your test sessions
  • Generate test reports in EMVCo format for approval submission


  • Analyze your test logs
  • Export logs in text format



The EVAL 2008 Test Suite is made up of the following components:

EVAL Platform & Box

The EVAL Platform is a software designed for compliance testing of contact and contactless terminal applications. It drives a card simulator, commonly known as the EVAL box. The EVAL Platform is suitable for testing all kinds of contact and contactless terminals with an EMV Level 1 compliant smart card interface. The EVAL Box is a smart card emulator, which, when connected to the PC runningthe EVAL Platform, enables communications with contact and contactless terminals.

EVAL Libraries

The EVAL Platform uses libraries of test scripts for the latest test plans. The following implementations of test cases have been qualified by the corresponding testing authorities:

  • The EMV and Entry Point libraries have been officially approved by EMVCo for formal Type Approval testing in certified laboratories and for application kernel debugging.
  • The PayPass library has been officially approved by MasterCard for formal Type Approval testing in certified laboratories and for application kernel debugging.
  • The TIP and ADVT libraries have been qualified for the MasterCard and Visa integration processes.

FIME regularly brings the libraries up to date following testing authorities guidelines and new test plan updates, so your tests will always follow the latest requirements.

EVAL Automation Module

FIME has developed a new add-on module to the EVAL 2008 TestSuite, which allows the user to make the test session automatic,therefore saving the test operator a considerable amount of time. The EVAL Platform can be controlled by an external applicationwhich is linked to the terminal under test and a host simulator. The external application must be developed in accordance with your terminal architecture.

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