CCD/CPA Level 1 card testing made easy!

Do you need to carry out CCD/CPA Level 1 card testing rapidly and easily? The EMVeriCard tool has been designed to help improve smart card testing by automating the processing of test scripts. EMVeriCard is built for any kind of smart card, but is most commonly used for compliance testing of the protocol and electrical components of EMV CCD/CPA Level 1 smar t cards.

Why EMVeriCard?

  • Qualified
    EMVeriCard has been officially qualified and recognised as an EMVCo smart card testing tool.
  • Comprehensive
    The only tool to perform both protocol and electrical analyses for EMV, M/Chip and VSDC.
  • Simple
    EMVeriCard is user friendly and ergonomic – simply load your terminal commands and press ‘Go’!
  • Visa & MasterCard Tests
    Both Visa and MasterCard have recognised the EMVCo test plan: carry out Level 1 tests for both!
  • Fast
    Reduce product development time thanks to automated test script processing
  • Official
    This is the same tool used by EMVCo accredited laboratories: you are sure to get quality results.


Software Functionalities

ICC Settings

  • Store all ICC data related to theImplementation Conformance Statement (ICS)
  • Perform post-control of data by stringcomparison between ICS and execution data
  • Select script for automatic test session

Test Session

  • Single script execution management
  • Multiple script execution management
  • Report building


  • T=0 or T=1 protocol exchanges
  • Calculation and graphic presentation of timings
  • Warning and error display
  • Magnetic cursors management


EMVeriCard Application

The application software is designed for compliance testing of a smart card’s protocol and electrical elements. Driving a terminal simulator, the EMVeriCard application is suitable for testing all kinds of smart cards with EMV Level 1 compliance (T=0 and T=1 protocols). The EMVeriCard application is used with EMV CCD/CPA Level 1 test libraries for debugging and Type Approval testing.

Micropross MP300-TC2/3 Box
The Micropross MP300-TC2/3 box allows T=0 and T=1 protocol testing (timing and electrical measurements). An ethernet port connection between the MP300-TC2/3 and the PC that runs the EMVeriCard application enables communications with the smart card inserted in the MP300-TC2/3 coupler.

EMVeriCard Test Libraries
The EMVeriCard application uses test script libraries (electrical and protocol) for the latest EMV 4.2 CCD Level 1 test plan. This implementation of EMVCo test cases has been offi cially approved by EMVCo.


EMVeriCard – Electrical Test

Signal reception & transmission testing

  • Setting and measurement on all signals
    (VCC, RST, CLK, I/O)

Signal perturbation & current testing

  • Setting and measurement on all signals
    (VCC, RST, CLK, I/O)

EMVeriCard – Protocol Test

  • Card Session: Card activation and reset response delay
  • ATR and Intercharacter Timing: Character to character interval timing, Total transmission timing, I/O transmission bits timing, I/O reception bits timing
  • T=0 Protocol: Character timing, Minimum guardtime, Transmission of procedure bytes, Parity error management – single and multiple repetitions, Work Wait Time extension, Extended guardtime respected
  • T=1 Protocol: Character timing, Minimum guardtime, Block guardtime respected, Node address and I-block sequence number, Block error management – single and multiple repetitions, S(WTX) request, ICC and terminal chaining management

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