FIME Smartspy Contactless


Capture contactless transactions on the go!

Do you need to debug contactless transactions anywhere from your development desk to the field? The Smartspy Contactless provides you with an innovative handheld contactless debug and traceability solution for use during your integration process. The dynamic acquisition mode enables you to make ‘swipe acquisitions’ of communications as well as static acquisitions when the device is placed on a flat surface.

Why the Smartspy Contactless 2008?

  • Simple
    The tool is user-friendly: intuitive menu and easy-to-read display screen.
  • Portable
    It allows handheld use on the field with an SD memory card and lithium-ion battery.
  • Performance
    The optional Performance Test module analyses the timing of the transaction following EMVCo specs.
  • Reliable
    You can trust the results and traces obtained, only one transaction is needed to acquire a useful trace.
  • Analysis
    Get information on every level of the transaction, from the exchange of bytes to the L1 & L2 analysis.
  • Compatible
    The Smartspy Contactless 2008 is compatible with ISO 14443, FeliCa, Innovatron, and NFC protocols.


Technical Specifications

Size and weight

  • 95mm x 145mm x 28mm
  • 270g


  • 55mm x 45mm
  • Support for multiple languages


  • ISO/IEC 14443 Type A and B
  • ISO/IEC 18092
  • FeliCa (Type C)
  • Innovatron (Type B’)
  • Bit rates supported: 106, 212, 424, 848 kbits/s

Power and battery

  • Built-in rechargable lithium-ion battery
  • Charging via AC adaptor
  • Autonomy of up to 2 hours


  • Low coupling and interference-free
  • Optional antennas available for more form factors

Smartspy Contactless Analyzer

  • Interpretation of commands: ISO/IEC 7816, EMV/PayPass™
  • Chronograms: Logic state, bit, byte and timing sequences

Systems requirements

  • PC with USB port
  • Windows Vista or Windows XP operating system


  • Enables tests at precise distances
  • Designed for ID-1 cards and ePassport booklets

What’s new on the Smartspy Contactless 2008?

Battery powered

Handheld use, works without a plug or a PC connection.

Flash memory

Stores test data in your SD card.

Data analysis

Automatically measures the total length of the processing time and the duration of each command transmission.

Performance test module (optional)

Improves the analysis of the duration of a transaction by capturing the flashing LED and/or beep that indicates the end of a transaction.

Additional protocols

Now covers NFC ISO18092, FeliCa and Innovatron, and analyzes NFC Forum tags (Type 1, 2, 3 and 4).

Modulation index

Displays the modulation index value for various distances or samples.


User configurable connectors for R&D use: triggers and demodulated signals.

Smartspy Contactless work environment

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